Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. If you need additional information please send an email to


How long is your response time?

Our in-person financial district response time is usually within 30 minutes. Often we can reach you in 15 minutes or less, especially when you have an urgent need. We have techs available 6 AM to 5 PM on weekdays, as well as several on-call during weekends and evenings in order to meet your specific needs.

How quickly can you respond to Critical Issues?

We do provide immediate response by phone or remote login to assess the problem quickly. This is followed by an in-person arrival as outlined above.


Email Outage/Internet/Exchange/Blackberry Outage Issues?

These are the precise areas we specialize in:  Including, but not limited to, realtime data and news services, such as Bloomberg. We have years of experience supporting client server rooms containing in-house email servers, Sequel servers, etc. Our techs are also trained in setting up and managing Internet based email hosting and data hosting for some clients. Blackberry support is another one of our areas of expertise. In fact, over a year ago, we hired a specialist out of that industry in order to make sure we are on the cutting edge of Blackberry technology.


How do we know if what you promise gets delivered?

We are skilled at planning IT projects, server rooms, software rollouts, etc. Our techs have success with taking them to completion because, once we start, we make sure to take the project to the very end. When you talk to our references you can get detailed information on past projects to add to our stated assurances. If a task exceeds our skill set, such as A/C design, powerpanels, and phone server programming we can refer you to proven vendors in those areas. If you prefer to choose your own vendors for these specific needs, we are capable of working smoothly and seamlessly with them.


Do you offer maintenanc or preventative services?
We have expertise in malware protection and backup systems. Our skills have been formed over years of supporting financial and investment firms with critical performance needs and detailed legal and governmental requirements for security. Once we evaluate your system, we can identify any current weaknesses and offer solutions.

What kind of Service Plans do you offer?
We recommend Scheduled Service Plans but also offer an On-call Service Plan.

For Scheduled Service Plans, we generally suggest a few hours per week, such as 2 hours on Tuesdays and 2 hours on Fridays, where your regular tech arrives and performs the needed tasks. Of course your tech is also available any other times or for longer on those days. Benefits of this plan include: billing in 15 minute increments, and 20% discount after the third hour per day when necessary.

On-Call Service is just what the name implies, call when you need us and we will be there for you. The billing increment is 30 minutes and hours are billed at the normal rate (no discounts). 

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