Altitude Systems provides computer and networking support, including design, planning, implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Typically our clients fit into one of three categories:


1.   Your company does not need a full time IT support person  

Smaller firms or those with simple requirements usually do not need to pay an employee to support their systems. Altitude Systems can act as your in-house IT staff. Depending on your location we can often be at your site within minutes of your call. We have no minimum usage guarantees or contracts, as well as no retainers. You just pay as you go. We understand small companies and know that their service needs can be as urgent as those of larger corporations.


2.   You have in-house IT staff, but need extra help

We have a number of clients with existing IT personnel who call on us to assist them with system upgrades, network management, and vacation coverage. This eliminates the need for your company to hire another IT person, or to go through unpredictable temp agencies.


3.   Your company’s IT support is in another city or state

Altitude Systems works with many clients who use us in conjunction with IT support that is out of the city or state. One of our known specialties are good communication skills, which translates into integrating and working with your existing IT support seamlessly.


If one of the above categories fits you,

give us a call. 

(415) 421-3960